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A professional one-stop supplier for all

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A professional one-stop supplier for Power Tools Accessories, such as Abrasive, Drills, Diamond Saw Blades and so on.

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A professional one-stop supplier for all

  • 2018 South America (Brazil) Hardware Tools Exhibition

      In 2018, our company participated in the Brazilian hardware and tools exhibition, with a team of 20 participants, bringing various related types of products to the exhibition, such as saw blades, auto repair tools, auto cleaning products, etc.
      During the three-day exhibition, you attracted a large number of customers and signed a large amount of orders at the exhibition.

    42 2022-07-06
  • 2019 Asia Pacific Procurement Fair in Cologne, Germany

    The 2019 Cologne Asia Pacific Procurement Fair was held in February in Cologne, Germany. Our company led more than 20 people to participate in the exhibition.

    During the three-day exhibition, our company conducted friendly product exchange, technical communication and order negotiation activities with foreign businessmen from various countries, and introduced our new products and technologies to manufacturers from various countries.

    39 2022-07-06



A professional one-stop supplier for all

Used for cutting stainless steel, metal and stone, such as soldered dots, weld joints, steel pipe, armor plate and so on. It is testified that this product is sharp,safe and durable.

Can process a variety of high-precision mold cavity.Can be processed cast iron,cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, 

Available in a range of sizes, coarse grits and quick change sanding systems. Particularly used in hard-to-reach areas and perfect for grinding small narrow areas

Wood sandpaper is environmental protection product, mainly used for polishing wood and painted surface, only dry sanding

Full of the tools for automotive repair, to help you solve the problem easily.